Ladies 9 Hole Wednesday League

Dates: June 1st - August 31 (13 Weeks)
NO GOLF on June 29 due to 4th of July holiday.

Time: Shotgun Tee Times Beginning at 9:00 AM

Practice round on May 25 with tee time starts

Play will be back to back tee times starting at 9:00 alternating between Front 9 and Back 9 each week. We had 30 league players which averaged about 25 players per week.

Contact Us

We invite all interested golfers to contact Paula Fulton 520-425-5807 for more information.

League Information

Golf Fees

  • $25 – Annual League fee due at start of the season*
  • $22.50 – Green Fee flat rate

*To be used for prizes and/or possibly meal at Year End Banquet

More Information


Players must play in 11 of the 13 weeks to qualify for year-end prizes. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season for:

  • League Championship – Low Gross
Determined by average of best 10 Rounds
  • Most Improved: Front Nine & Back Nine
  • Winner of Best Game
  • Most dots / Least amount of putts / Most chip-ins
  • Various Weekly Events/Proxies
League Events

Year-end tournament and party will be September 7.

League Rules & Regulations

About the League

  • All league members will tee off from the Red tee markers each week
  • The official rules of golf will be followed in our league except as noted below. Winter rules apply – you may improve your fairway lie, but not closer to the green. For questionable rulings on the course play two balls and refer to pro shop staff for the correct ruling.
  • We play Ready Golf. If you are ready and an away player is not, you hit / putt. (if its safe)
  • Pick up after 10 shots on a hole (maximum of 3 putts) and mark down 10 for that hole
  • One mulligan per round on drive only. You must take your mulligan shot (you do not have a choice of which ball to play)
  • No gimmies – You must putt thru
  • Whiffs are not a stroke
  • Club cannot be grounded before you hit from a sand trap
  • You may drop for a stroke penalty after two unsuccessful shots to exit a trap. Drop to either side but not ahead of the trap.
  • You may improve your lie in the rough within a club length, not closer to the hole. You may place rather than drop your ball. Club length must be same type of ground – fairway to fairway, rough to rough
  • If ball lands on cart path, that is a free move back to grass no more than 2 club lengths and never closer to the pin. You should not be standing on cart path to take your next shot.
  • Players responsible for recording their dots and putts on scorecards. There will be 2 cards per team (1 card per cart)
  • Players responsible for posting dots and putts on board, as well as hole score on Best Game board, both located in Event Center
  • At end of round, turn scorecards into Mary Lou Hosler in Event Center
  • Putt pot: 25 cents for 3 putts (Money to be used at year-end luncheon) 2 of 2
  • Weekly proxy winners will be posted next to putts and dots board
  • Foursomes will be drawn a day before play. An email will go out from Mary Lou every Tuesday. If you are unable to play, please notify Mary Lou (via email, text, or phone) by Monday.
  • If you are in jeopardy of not playing 11 of the 13 weeks, you can schedule a make-up day by calling the Golf Shop. You must play with another league member. If you miss the Front 9, you must schedule your make-up on the Front 9. If you miss the Back 9, you must schedule your make-up on the Back 9, and those tee times will be 3 PM or after. Post dots, putts, and hole score on boards to reflect date(s) missed and turn scorecard(s) into the Golf Shop.
  • Weather cancellations – Decisions will be made by the Golf Shop one hour prior to start. Mary Lou will then let all league members know via email. Alternative dates for weather cancellations will be determined as necessary.
  • NOTE: This is a non-cumulative league – meaning we will not have handicaps. We want to strive to be a fun, easy going league