Golf Instruction

General Manager - Indy Thompson

Indy Thompson has a degree in Golf Enterprise Management from UW-Stout where he was trained how to instruct all levels of golfers. He also played collegiate golf for UW-Stout. Indy has been giving instruction since he started in the industry. By working with all levels of golfers, Indy can help find the right swing for you. No swing is alike and that is why he is different from other instructors in Northwest Wisconsin. Indy believes on working on the basics first and moving forward from there. Without the fundamentals learned, a golfer cannot reach his or her full potential.

Indy can take on one-on-one instruction from juniors to seniors, beginners to experts, and all others who want to get better at the game. He is great with groups as well. “One of my most memorable lessons was with an individual who had shoulder problems and couldn’t get back to his old form. I worked with him a few times and began to fix his swing and tailor it to him. Not everyone needs to have the same swing because not everyone can physically do that. I believe in helping people to be their best and tailoring a lesson to what they want”.

Lessons Tailored to You!

We are also a Callaway Golf facility which means we carry Callaway Golf equipment. Indy can fit you to your specific needs and recommend what equipment you need to better your game! Callaway golf equipment offers exceptional quality at a great price.

Lessons can be tailored to the individual, whether he or she wants to work on short game, range work, or on-course lessons, Indy can help with whatever the student needs to work on. Lessons are very reasonable and last around 45 minutes, on-course lessons can be tailored to the individual’s time. For more information, call Indy at 715-642-2827 or the golf shop at 715-934-4770 or email at for more information.

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Pricing is as Follows:

45 Minutes

Individual Lesson



Package of 3

Individual Lessons



45 Minutes

Couples Lesson