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The Golf Performance Program at HAMH is designed for the recreational or professional golfer who wants to improve their game. Physical limitations of your body will directly impact the ability to swing the club efficiently
and increase risk for injury.

The program works to:
• Improve the strength and flexibility specific to the golf swing to increase distance
• Develop body awareness during the swing
• Promote balance, coordination, and core stability
• Maximize swing efficiency for lower scores
• Reduce and prevent injury

Our Titleist Performance Institute professional is also a licensed physical therapist. This unique combination offers unparalleled insight into the movement of the human body and the golf swing.


Golf Performance Evaluation

A Physical Therapist evaluates each individual and identifies the body’s limitations that are contributing to swing faults and dysfunction. Information collected will be used to build acustomized training program based on your needs and take your game to the next level.

Evaluation Pricing (cash only, not covered by insurance) $200.00 includes:

• 2- 45 minute sessions (1 evaluation, 1 follow up)
• 16 point TPI screen, swing characteristic video analysis
• Individualized home exercise program
• Access to Titleist Performance Institute Pro Website

What to Bring:
• Golf clubs
• Golf/athletic attire
• Handicap (if known)
• List of previous injuries
• Aspects of your game that you want to improve

Additional Fitness Sessions and Re-evaluations are available. Please ask for more information during your sessions.


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11040N State Rd 77
Hayward, WI 54843